I thought you might like to see these photos taken as we were setting up the studio for the NEOS (North East Open Studios) .

We had to give a report of how things had gone to 'headquarters'. On counting up the visitors, I discovered that 176 had come through the door, quite a few of whom were artists themselves.

I am so delighted with the studio my brother has designed for me. I can't think of a better way to use the space and the amount of light that comes in is wonderful - so many remarked on that. It was very rewarding to receive visitor's comments such as “Beautiful colours ….and an inspiration to dust down my paints”, “Warm welcome. Lovely delicate work. Thank you”

I kept a visitor's book and every comment, almost without fail, mentioned the beautiful space or studio - "bright and beautiful and very varied work", "inspirational", "brilliant gallery", "so impressive" and "lost for words".

Also from an art teacher friend of mine - "the studio really sets off the artwork well, lovely, beautiful work, thank you for sharing it".

“A treat to be here!”

“Our first visit – lovely!”

“A wonderful variety of texture and colour”

It was a very rewarding experience and sharing with another artist friend worked well. We made a good team:sharing the setting-up chores, helping one another and sharing the manning of the studio during the 9 days of NEOS. Our work complemented each other's well. You may notice she had lovely calming seascapes on the opposite wall. I also had the utility room set up with more of our work for people to see as they entered through that door.